Food, Wine, and Airplanes

A few of life’s joys, as seen through the eyes of an airline pilot

The life of an airline crew member can be a fantastic adventure, and take you to wonderful places.  Provided the layover is long enough, and you’re not tired to the bone, with a little digging, there seems to always be a hidden gem in the form of a diner, greasy-spoon, family-run restaurant, winery, and/or local brew house.  

Flying jet aircraft to cool destinations is very exciting and rewarding.  The downside of this incredible career can be the extended time away from family and friends, provided you aren’t trying to hide from them to begin with.  For me, especially after years of seeing the world courtesy of the U.S. government, the time away was a bit of of a downside, until I started sharing my adventures (mostly to diners and wineries) with family and friends on social media.  Several of them encouraged me to find a wider audience for my “reviews” of sorts.  This blog is the first crack at widening the audience.  

This site will chronicle the travels of a fairly new airline pilot as he travels on the job.  The intent is to travel the world (or as much of it as the job and seniority provides), and taste the hidden delights out there.



The Blog Author

An Old Guy

A former U.S. Air Force pilot, strategist, war-planner, and liaison officer who retired after not quite three decades of service, only to land another dream gig as a major airline pilot.