July 28, 2019


Highland Park Diner
960 Clinton Ave S
Rochester, New York 14620







[Oops…forgot to publish this one in July…]

I have only been to Rochester on layover once before, and that was when the icky frozen stuff was piled up.  This visit, I had the time to get out and walk on a beautiful Sunday morning in the Empire State. 

To my pleasant surprise, I passed several potential candidates–very cheeky and cute places…but not exactly a diner.  My heart was kind of set on finding a diner.   I whipped out the old iPhone and to my surprise, within a mile, there was what looked like a good old fashion diner!

As I walked through the neighborhood, this very well kept.  The architecture smacked of old meeting new.  It appeared a very deliberate effort was made, and successfully may I add, to bring a younger demographic into a well established neighborhood.  Many of the businesses and cafe-type places I passed were teaming during the mid-morning hours with a wide variety of folks.  It was very welcoming and warm atmosphere. Anyway…

I trundled down several streets and asa I tuned the corner, the Highland Park Diner jumped out at me, and instantly I knew I had the right place for breakfast. There parking lot was filling up, and the tables outside were filling up fast.  Fortunately for me, when I went inside, the counter had space for me, and even before my butt cheek hit the stool, the waitress was getting me a cup of coffee.

The pictures in this post don’t do it justice, but it was a no kidding traditional diner.  The menu was awesome, and for a minute I considered having a milkshake for breakfast,  I sat right under a chalkboard that listed a tasty array of frozen delights.  

I resisted and settled for a traditional breakfast.  Got the Greek Omelet, spuds, and rye toast. It was awesome!  

So much on their menu looked inviting.  You can check them out (and their entire menu) on FaceBook or their website.  

I really enjoyed Rochester, and look forward to checking out more as trips permit…that is as long as its not when the white stuff isn’t piled up outside.

Definitely go to Highland Park Diner if you get to Rochester!


2 thoughts on “Highland Park Diner, Rochester NY

  1. Awesome! My friend Del gave me some local intel and said to check out Nick Tahoe’s next time you’re in town. Order the Garbage Plate!

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