June 10, 2018

Planet Java Diner
72 S Washington Street
Seattle, Washington 98104






Life in the airlines can take you to really wonderful places, but sometimes commuting (if you don’t live where you start and stop trips from) traps you away from home…unless you’re willing to purchase a REALLY expensive ticket at the last minute.  This is why the last couple weeks have been void of posts.  I got “stuck” at work.  Fortunately, I have a few cool places to share with you.  Additionally, WordPress and BoldGrid, the software I use to manage this site, are awesome on my laptop, but I still haven’t mastered them enough to maintain format and layout continuity on my iPad.  I usually craft posts after I get back home on my laptop.  Eventually I hope to get smarter on how to manage this site better on the road while on my iPad.  Anyway…

I’m beginning to love the Pacific Northwest.  Every time I get a layover there, and even during my Air Force days visiting various installations in the region, I’m more and more impressed.  It’s absolutely stunning from the air as we fly in and out of places like Vancouver, Portland, Eugene, and Medford.  In particular, Seattle is a wonderful place to visit.  For the aviation enthusiast, you have Boeing Field with a variety of cool aircraft on the ramp, as well as the the Aviation Pavilion Museum of Flight to keep in touch with the past.  Seattle also offers a very scenic downtown area with Duck boat rides.  I even saw an outfit offering “underground” tours.  Presumably there are tunnels and other once forgotten hideaways lurking below the bustling streets above.  Next time I get a few hours, I plan on taking a tour.  Oh, and there is no lack of coffee shops for the caffeine fiends out there.  Every turn of every corner seems to have something to offer.  And, thats how I found Planet Java Diner.

At the the hotel, a quick internet search hit me with a ton of possibilities.  It was only 55 degrees out and a little misty, but it was a nice respite from the muggy, hot weather I’d been encountering lately.  Fortunately, I always pack a long-sleeve shirt and light Columbia jacket, even during the summer months for this very reason.  They also come in handy in hot climates for visiting businesses that blast the air conditioning to sub-arctic levels.  I hate being cold.  Well now…enough of the travel packing tips.

So, I’m enjoying the morning walk seeing all the great architecture and historic places like Pioneer Square.  I must have walked a few miles, but it didn’t matter because ever turn was and adventure.  I hadn’t gotten to the waterfront yet, so I blindly took a turn towards the water on South Washington Street.  The tree draped street was quiet, but about halfway down the block, on the sidewalk, a red sandwich sign caught my attention.  As I got closer, I could finally see “Planet Java Diner” with a bold arrow indicating OPEN pointing at doorway I may have passed by had it not been for the sign.  Thank goodness for that lil’ red sign–what a discovery!

Super cozy place with an eclectic array of do-dads and nicknacks scattered all over.  Oodles of character!

The menu had a great selection of items you could oder anytime.  So many good looking items; tough to pick just one.  Considering I was in a wonderful little diner, I elected to go with the “Diner Scramble.”  Loaded with mushrooms, feta, spinach, sausage and onions, it hit the spot.  The enormous side of hash browns, as well as the side of rye toast, made this a perfect breakfast for my brisk brisk walk.

Seattle is a really neat place.  If you find yourself there, go hunting for Planet Java Diner — you will love its charm and taste.  



2 thoughts on “Planet Java Diner, Seattle WA

  1. Nice! Seattle is is a great city, and you should checkout the surrounding islands via ferry next time you have a layover. Boeing Museum is on my bucket list…

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