July 1, 2018


Savannah Georgia



Sometimes I miscalculate.  This trip was one of them.  I will correct my errors in the future. 
We arrived really late in Savannah after a wonderful day that started in Miami.  I spent the morning with two very special people I love dearly.  We had a wonderful breakfast, great Cuban coffee, and drove around Miami and South Beach looking at all the booming condo construction and homes not even the most senior airline captain could afford.  Miami is a wonderful city, and it was so nice to see the rejuvenation of the classic architecture along with the new, impressive edifices.  Not snapping pics during this great morning was mistake number one.
From MIA, I flew three legs with surprisingly few thunderstorms, arriving in Savannah for the first time in my life.  A very full day.  It was dark, but flying into Savannah/Hilton Head International was really delightful. Scattered clouds and dark, but the area looked really nice, and being the only jet in the pattern made for quiet, easy, smooth, and quick approach into the aerodrome.  The captain must have been impressed with my landing (or something I did) because he told me he’d get all the rest of the checklist items that put the jet to sleep for the night, and I could say goodnight to the folks as they departed.  I love this part of the job.  
All the folks who fly with us have a unique and important reason for being onboard. It’s always nice to see that that had a good flight. Every now and then they share their stories for why they’re traveling, and everyone of them makes me feel special to know we helped get them where they wanted/needed to be.  It is really cool to still be flying airplanes after over three decades, and serving people at the same time.
The hotel we stayed at was on a sleepy little street; even its bar closed just before we arrived.  So, I made the decision to get a good nights sleep and hit a diner in the morning.  This 16-hour layover would surely allow for some good diner hunting in morning. Oops…mistake number two.
Well, there are a lot of great looking classic diners in very reasonable walking distance, but the really intriguing ones were all closed…Sunday morning.  “Strike Three!”    I lose track of my days so easy on trips—one of the hazards of the life.  Anyway…
It was a beautiful morning and hadn’t topped 90 degrees yet, so I decided to see Savanah on foot with a little run. Wow!
Ok, all my professional stunt drinking family and friends out there (You know who you are!), this looks like a place we have to hit at night, several nights in a row.  The term “Pub Crawl” comes to mind.
I trotted down to the river, which by itself was totally impressive with the HUGE ocean freighters gliding by, tugboats, and even the Coast Guard.  Other than negotiating cobblestone streets and strategic foot placement while running, it was awesome.  Restaurants, pubs, specialty shops, parks, people…fantastic!
I should have headed straight down to the river for a couple hours after checking in to the hotel.  I could have easily rested the morning and afternoon before an evening report time.
I see another blog on a Savannah adventure n the future—so much to see, now that I know better. Top on the list may be The Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum, The huge Gulfstream Aerospace complex on the airport, the Georgia State Train Museum, and yes the really cool diners.


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