The Original Dinerant

300 SW 6th Ave

Portland OR 97204


Ok. This is not going to be an elegantly formatted blog.  I’m only back in my hotel room a few moments after enjoying an AWESOME breakfast!  This made possible by my twin cousin who recommend I check it out. Boy he was soooo right!

The Original Dinerant has a very old school feel with a new order vibe.  Located on the corner of Oak and SW 6th Ave.  There’s a light rail stop right in front.  Plenty of parking in  area.  Easy access to walk up.  Bottom line: get there if you can.

I enjoyed the Foraged Mushroom Omelet with HUGE hash browns (some of the finest I’ve had anywhere!), and a side of sourdough toast (they ran out of rye…normally a detractor, but in this case, not at all!).

I also topped the omelet with Secret Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce.  It didn’t need the extra flavor, but I was looking for a little kick to start my day.  

The hash browns were superbly prepared with a golden, crisp outer shell and a delectable, perfectly cooked spud inside.

I hope this post isn’t totally discombobulated. I normally wait to get home and tap it out on my laptop.  And I also know it’s been a long while since my last post, but the Original Dinerant is that awesome!


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